Mama, please tell me...

 Digamos NO....a la violencia contra la Mujer!!!Paremos esto...

Eliminemos los prejuicios, los tabues, los mitos!!!

Mama, Please Tell Me ...

A native of Sri Lanka, mother and filmmaker Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston, now based in Edinbugh, experienced physical violence at the hands of her father and has since lived with the fear of men. She writes:
"A few years ago I wrote something for a women's day for a feminists group / organization in Edinburgh,  based on questions I had as girl growing up in Asia and questions I have heard my children ask, a few by my little son. I have heard men and women use terms (in the west and east) that always sadden me. I feel this is timely with all that is happening in India..."

Mama, please tell me...

Mama, are girls born bad?
Mama, what is the meaning of a loose woman?
Does that mean there are loose men as well?

Mama, do you have boy sluts in this world?
Does that mean that only girls are bad?

Mama, why did Jimmy call John a cunt?
Is John a girl?

Mama, why does a girl always have to be thin to be pretty?
Has God given boys an exempt card?

Mama, why do you call her a bitch?
Are all female dogs bad?

Mama, why do big men call women chick? Or babe?
Are all women younger than men?

Mama what is gender equality?
Does it mean I have to be like a boy?

Mama, is God a boy’s name?

Mama, are girls born bad?

Mama, are you proud to be a girl?

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston

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